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PEMF Therapeutics

Connect with the earth’s natural frequency to discover optimal healing

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a non-invasive and pain free treatment which can provide relief from:

●  Back pain

●  Sleep disorders

●  Migraines

●  Anxiety

●  Fibromyalgia

●  Arthritis

●  Pain from injuries

●  Fatigue

●  Poor circulation

●  Low energy


... and so much more


How PEMF Works At a Cellular level

Dense copper coils within the mat generate a magnetic field. Once you lie on the mat the frequency emitted helps to maintain electrical surface tension of the cell membrane. This allows greater oxygenation to the blood enabling the release of toxins which in turn boosts the immune system and crucially stimulates healing where it is required. This process is known to promote better circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, improve concentration and mental well being, reduce stress, improve nerve and tissue regeneration including faster and more complete bone healing.​

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A four year study was published by NASA (2003) which highlighted the efficacy of PEMF in promoting tissue and nerve cell repair and for helping various neurological conditions.

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PEMF has FDA (food and drug administration) approval for application in the USA for non-union fractures, post operative spinal fusion and edema in soft tissue (J.Korean Neurosug Soc. 2021 PMID 34107606)


Wear comfortable clothing. Magnetic signals are more robust when you are well hydrated. Please allow one hour for your visit.


£85.00 per session. Book 5 sessions and get 6th free

48 hours notice required for cancellation.


Bryanston Avenue TW2 6HP

07941 88 59 33

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Deborah TaylorNash

Approximately 3 minutes walk from Whitton station or 10 mins drive from Richmond Bridge, with free parking available on driveway.

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The iMRS Hybrid system is certified as a class 2 medical grade device within the EU (93/ 42/ EEC)  and is listed and regulated by the FDA, however it is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any particular disease. It should be used in addition to conventional medications and/or surgeries as a supportive application.

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